Construction Surveys: What Should Be Included?

Construction survey

A construction project involves many challenges, not the least of which are presented by the land itself. Construction surveys are designed to help engineers, contractors, and builders plan everything out so that it’s safe, legal, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. When getting a construction survey done, you should expect the elements listed below to be included.

Boundaries, Easements, Etc.


A construction survey will include a basic border survey. This will mark out the boundary lines where your land ends and the next plot begins. In addition, you’ll also get information on easements and improvements on the property, such as:


  • Utility easements and other permissions to access or cross the property

  • Locations of existing buildings and other structures on the property

  • Underground structures, including sewer and cable lines

  • Encroachments from other properties


These elements provide basic information that helps guide builders in the planning process. Issues such as underground utilities can be properly addressed when they are plotted accurately with this part of the survey.


Lay of the Land


Topographical information is also important when planning a construction project, so your construction survey should include information on the various elevations and contours present on the property. This will enable you to plan how the land should be used or shaped when hashing out the floor plans, elevations, and overall placement of each structure.


Placement of New Structures


Once the existing improvements, easements, and layout of the property have been accurately measured and marked, you can begin with the actual project itself. There is still need for precise surveying during this process, from planning throughout construction. Professional surveyors will be involved in each stage of the project by determining the initial placement of roads, buildings, etc. and then by confirming their placement with further surveying during and after construction.


This helps you avoid pitfalls and make the most of the land throughout the project, but it must be professionally done. Very precise equipment and extensive training are needed to make sure everything on the property is plotted, planned, and built correctly. When you’re looking for professional construction survey services, Votex Surveying Company can help you.