About Votex Surveying

For more than 25 years, Votex Surveying Company has built its reputation by consistently providing unparalleled client relations and reliable surveying deliverables to a wide range of land and property surveying projects throughout Dallas, Fort Worth and elsewhere in North Texas. With an exclusive focus on commercial surveying, we strive for professionalism in all our surveying staff members and prioritize our clients’ needs. In addition we are licensed by the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveying and have continued to invest in our technology and methods to improve our approach in all types of land and property surveys.


Dennis Vote has over 50 years of surveying experience and is the founder of Votex Surveying Company. Dennis began his surveying experience in Iowa. In the summers of high school Dennis worked on road construction with his father learning the various aspects of surveying. After completing college, he worked his way up the ladder as a drafter and eventually became interested in the actual hands on surveying profession working as a survey rod man and chain man and eventually as a party chief. Dennis moved to Dallas in 1981 and worked as a survey technician for a large surveying and engineering firm. After completing the state required training, he completed the R.P.L. S. testing and has been registered in the State of Texas since 1989. Dennis established Votex Surveying Company in 1991 concentrating primarily on Title Surveys and Commercial Building and Land Projects in the North Central Texas Region offering quality surveys at a fair price. His business has grown through the last 25 years and Dennis is proud to be known as one of the most well- respected companies within the industry. His clientele is primarily made up of an expansive list of title companies, builders, engineers and architects as well as lending institutions and individual home owners. Votex Surveying Company has a reputation of providing accurate, on time surveying which has given Dennis the foundation to become a successful business.

General Manager: Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS)

Candy Hone has over 18 years of surveying experience and is the new Registered Professional Land Surveyor (RPLS) for Votex. Candy began her surveying career in New Mexico where she did field work and drafting of topographic surveys for different engineers and also did field surveys for the National Forest Service. After successfully completing her SIT exam in 2001 and receiving her Bachelor of Science in Surveying Engineering from New Mexico State University she moved to Texas. She has lived and surveyed the DFW area ever since. She earned her RPLS license in 2005 and has 10 years’ experience as a Project Manager. She has worked on many TxDOT projects across the state, several municipal projects, utility and flood studies as well as land development. She is a high-energy professional with the ability to manage multiple projects and handle unexpected challenges.

Your Surveying Project Matters

We impose the highest standards in the industry when it comes to conducting surveys for your project. We fully acknowledge the economical and managerial implications of an accurate and timely survey, which can prevent any unnecessary opportunity costs or expenses later down the road. Votex Surveying Company is here for the long run, and significantly value our ongoing relationship with past and current clients.

Dependable Service

All of our surveyors are highly experienced and qualified, with certifications to prove their competency in all levels of surveying. We believe in continuing education for our team members, and regularly hold training sessions and seminars as proposed by major surveying associations. We believe in offering reliable and capable services to promote a successful project for our clients.