Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the following list of questions for any preliminary inquiries about our DFW area commercial surveying services. We are available to answer any specific questions via phone or email.


When Do I Need a Professional Surveyor?

Surveying, more specifically land surveying, is frequently needed when formally establishing boundaries of properties or accurately measuring surface dimensions for construction. Exact appraisals are often required by law or substantiate as proof during legal disputes. If you are unsure about your current needs, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Why Do I need a Land Surveyor?

State statutes and regulations require registered and licensed land surveyors to conduct land surveys for legal validity to sell, develop or subdivide land.

Which Surveyor should I select for my project?

We recommend to work with surveyors that are members of established surveying associations, are fully licensed and certified professionals, and have a track record of accurate and reliable outputs verifiable by client references.

What Type of Survey do I need?

Although specializations of surveys are classified in different ways for various local and regulatory institutions, the type of survey will be most likely be specified the entity requiring the survey. Please check out the six main survey types on our website, or contact us directly for additional information.

How much does it cost to hire a Land Surveyor?

It depends. Nearly all projects have unique conditions and situations that need to be considered, which is extremely difficult to standardize in advance. Especially for complex legal disputes, we strongly suggest to work with experienced and reliable surveyors such as Votex.

How can Land Surveyors help in Land Boundary Disputes?

Most legal disputes involving property boundaries arise from the failure to accurately research all the recorded elements such as the original position of the structure, or the inability to parse out dual meanings of words used in documents. Our qualified surveyors are equipped with the adequate knowledge and have experience in handling the most sophisticated jobs.

What do I need to prepare for Land Surveying?

Your land surveyor will take you through each step of the process, and generally we will need the official legal documentation for the property in question. These documents are typically a copy of the deed or a copy of your Title Insurance Policy.