Surveys Help with Easement & Property Owner Responsibilities


You are probably well aware of how important surveys are when it comes to purchasing and selling land. They are necessary for real estate transactions, but they are also enormously helpful (even vital) for those seeking to develop land or determine easements. Following are a few ways a survey can help you.


An easement is the right to use property for certain purposes without actually sharing in the land’s ownership. The most common example of this is utilities easements, such as for water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, etc.

An easement survey lets you know what rights you have to the property, what utilities are present, where access points are located, and so on. This information is essential in developing land since it lets you determine where and how construction should take place.


Your responsibilities as the property owner will vary depending on the purpose of the land. If it is developed commercial property, one of your responsibilities will be to make sure tenants, visitors, and customers are not endangered by the property. Even when you do your part, there is always a risk you will face with property owner liability issues.

A survey of the property can keep you protected from these issues. Suppose, for example, that you own a commercial plaza and someone is injured on the property. A current survey of the property can help prove that you are not at fault for the injury, and may either lead to dropped charges or simply shift fault to a negligent tenant.


Surveys delineate where the boundaries on your property are, what easements are present, how the land is laid out, and other important details. This is all vital when it comes to development as it allows you to make the best possible use of the land and avoid conflicts with your neighbors, the city, and the law.

To get a land survey done, you need skilled professionals. Votex Surveying Company provides the professional skills you need to develop and manage your property. To learn more or request an order, contact us today.

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