What Do I Need to Know to Survey Commercial Property?

You are investing in a commercial property and know surveying your commercial land is important. You’re well aware of how much is involved in using that land, and how much you need to know about it before you move forward with your plans for it. You know that it can protect your investment and prevent legal issues down the road (and if you didn’t you know now!).

So what do you need to know before actually going in to surveying the property? There are a few bits of information that will help prepare you for the process and ease it along.

Title Information

First and foremost, it helps to know the title information.  One type of survey, a land title survey, assesses the property and marks its boundaries, ensuring that the title is as precise and accurate as possible. This is vital if you intend to sell the land, insure it, or even purchase it. If you’re buying a parcel of land, you need to be sure the land itself matches the description given with the title.

Surveys Must Be Precise and Accurate

Secondly, you should know that the measurements done by professional surveyors must be precise and accurate. Each survey on a piece of land is kept in public records permanently, so any error or discrepancy could come back to bite you as long as the property exists. Therefore, every detail, boundary, and subdivision must be carefully and perfectly measured and recorded—that means no room for guesswork.

Experience and Technology Matter

In order for commercial surveys to be accurate and precise, skill, experience, and high-quality tech are all highly important. Professional surveyors must be very careful to make sure everything is measured and marked exactly. The instruments they use are capable of pinpoint precision, generally within a centimeter. Patience is also a much-needed virtue when it comes to commercial land surveys, so the process will take time and diligent effort.

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