What Happens Before Land Development?

The truth is, there is a ton of planning that goes into developing land, especially when it’s for commercial purposes. Even before it’s purchased, there is a great deal of research that needs to be done. That research is done largely through surveying, though other data such as tax and zoning information is also important to consider.

Assessing the Land

Commercial land represents a massive investment, so analyzing it prior to purchase is vital to making the most of it. Commercial land surveyors provide vital information on the different characteristics of undeveloped property, such as:

• Topography, including cliffs, valleys, mountains, etc.
• Soil erosion and sedimentation
• Drainage patterns
• Water table
• Trees and vegetation
• Current developments and improvements, such as buildings, fences, and so forth
• Utility locations

These and other characteristics have a huge impact on what can be done with the property as well as what developments will need to be done to make it buildable. For example, hilly land won’t lend itself too well to a sprawling industrial complex, at least not without significant development work.

Also important are zoning permissions/exclusions and tax obligations. These also determine what will work on the land within both regulatory and financial constraints. Hashing these details out is vital prior to development since they can inform you on what the property would be best used for.

Vital Surveying for Dallas Property

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there are a number of land characteristics that are extremely important to consider. The surveying services you’ll need before you even begin development include:

Land Title Survey, which is often needed for real estate transactions and securing title insurance
Topographic surveys, which assess elevations, contours, and above-ground improvements
• Tree surveys to get permission to move protected species of trees

Once the surveying process is done, completing the transaction, securing title insurance, and making development plans can be done. For more information on what to do prior to land development, contact us today at Votex Surveying Company.